It was a cold, eerie night, she needed the warmth of his embrace
The ones that she kept she dreaming of, it wasn’t a just a phase
She needed protection from the nightmares that haunt her
That soon she will be left alone and broken, all that was done to her

He gave what he could to make her happy, to make her smile
Nothing was to separate them, not even a mile
Evidently falling for each other, it was rather unrequited
She was so sure of him, but he didn’t show that he was, not quite

Sleepless, Restless

Stargaze with me and we’ll fly towards the moon,
Walk with me in moonlight as the pavements sparkle.
Stay up a little longer, because you make me swoon,
Even in silence, I could feel you around me.

Watch the moon with me, even if it comes to you later,
Talk to me, because I know you’re beyond reach.
Have a date with me, and we’ll go to prom together,
I really like you, I hope you feel the same.