When I Was A Little Girl

When I was a little girl,
I dreamed of becoming a princess,
That one day I will make a difference when I rule as queen.
That I will be loyal to my prince charming.
And soon time passed and I grew,
I don’t need to be a princess to make an impact.
But I certainly want to be loyal to my prince charming.

When I was a little girl,
I played with dolls who had beautiful big blue eyes,
I wanted to be this beautiful,
With soft hair flowing down, my dolls were pretty.
And soon time passed and I grew,
I don’t need to be like the dolls to be beautiful,
I was confident that I’m beautiful to anyone’s eyes,
Showing grace as I walk pass the faces.

When I was a little girl,
I wanted to be tough, like the superheroes I read.
The ones that save lives and the ones give hope
Heroes are tough and stong.
And soon time passed and I grew,
I grew to be tough when hard times hit.
I saved lived because I showed love and courage.
Standing up for what was right, I don’t need any credit.

Whatever that Came Back from the Past, Leave It in the Past

It was just a mini reunion,
A small interaction between past lovers.
It was quite unrequited,
He loved her, but she couldn’t.
And here they are,
In the midst of a silent night.
The silence became imminent,
As his head rested on her thighs.
It was a talk of random things,
“Would you rather…?”
“Truth or Dare,”
It gave them quite the scare.
He once slept on her shoulder,
Way back in high school.
Oh but it caused a stir around,
There was someone else.
For her heart already belonged to one,
She will not love the other.
But years have gone,
And things turned out to be good.
She fell out of love.
In time for him to fallen out of love too.
The night grew longer and colder,
Avoiding him, she looked at her phone.
The time was going slow and steady.
Her heart beating fast.
His hands shaking and sweating.
It was a game of where she’ll feel the tickle,
A game one must not play,
For it was a risk she never chose to take.
He poked and poked,
It was a stuck of being petrified.
She asked herself and wondered why,
As he reached her breasts,
He held them and played,
Her heart beat slowed,
Into the calmness of the night.
He whispered in her ear,
“Do you want me to stop?”
“I don’t know.” She replied.
She hesitated, she knew she wanted it.
But her thoughts were of someone else.
Someone far from her,
The guilt ran through her veins.
He knew what was up and stopped,
He held her close again,
Tears fell from her face as she said goodbye.
It was the last, it should be the last.
But he wouldn’t budge and let her go,
He brought her home,
And made sure she was safe.
She continued to regret what was done.
She thought she left it all behind,
He thought this was his chance.
It was all for the wrong reasons,
Her heart belonged to another,
To someone who dreams of touching her,
Someone far yet so near.
His mind was running in confusion.
Dazed from his past love.
They knew it had to stop somewhere.
It had to stop right there.


Every grain of sand touching the tip of my toes,

As I danced through the gentle waves by the shore.

Hopping from place to place picking up lost shells, meant for treasure.

The sun beating down with mercy; my hair rustled as I felt the wind touch ny skin.

The waves rushed becoming increasingly powerful, yet with the sound of a gentle voice.

Soothing I felt when my face felt your carressing hands.

Kisses from my forehead to my cheeks down to my lips as you raised my chin up.

You whispered in my ear, “I’ll see you on the other side, my darling.”

As tears streamed down my face and no one was there to wipe it all away.

Farewell my love, I’ll meet you there soon.

Excuse Me

Excuse me, I don’t mean to budge.
But no more grudge.
It’s been too long, since,
Since I can even begin.
You called me out.
Among that specific crowd.
I thought I was special.
But deep down it was fatal.
Your comments were of hatred.
Towards my roots that was sacred.
Derogatory remarks about my ethnicity.
People from that particular country.
Some of us have little to get by.
While you cower with your own pride.
But some of us are just like you.
And that doesn’t mean there’s more of you.
Don’t pretend you never felt it.
It’s probably why you’re doing it.
You sounded like you’re the superior.
While my kind, are inferior.
But don’t you worry I will stand.
I will protect this land.
We’re not amateurs to protect our dignity.
We’re civilized and we’ll do it with integrity.


I now know how to read and write.
I know how to solve puzzles I like.
I’ve been doing the adding and the subtracting.
Goodbye sixth grade, I’m officially graduating.

I created lasting friendships here and there.
I have destroyed friendships on my path somewhere.
Seeing boys that make me swoon.
That’s just the beginning of high school.

Stressing everyday for the exams.
I have never missed a show to watch too.
My desk is never tidy or neat.
That may be the end of high school.

What are assignments really?
Procrastination was the key.
Sleeping was necessary.
College is not for me.

Do I really want to end up where I’m heading?
Building up a career I do not want for my life.
I have given thoughts of giving up.
Welcome to adulthood, and this is just the climax.