When I Was A Little Girl

When I was a little girl,
I dreamed of becoming a princess,
That one day I will make a difference when I rule as queen.
That I will be loyal to my prince charming.
And soon time passed and I grew,
I don’t need to be a princess to make an impact.
But I certainly want to be loyal to my prince charming.

When I was a little girl,
I played with dolls who had beautiful big blue eyes,
I wanted to be this beautiful,
With soft hair flowing down, my dolls were pretty.
And soon time passed and I grew,
I don’t need to be like the dolls to be beautiful,
I was confident that I’m beautiful to anyone’s eyes,
Showing grace as I walk pass the faces.

When I was a little girl,
I wanted to be tough, like the superheroes I read.
The ones that save lives and the ones give hope
Heroes are tough and stong.
And soon time passed and I grew,
I grew to be tough when hard times hit.
I saved lived because I showed love and courage.
Standing up for what was right, I don’t need any credit.

Roadblocks, Doors and What Nots

My compass is broken, though it should lead me north, right now it’s gibberish. It’s pointing me so much directions that I can’t decide which option is really good for me. Funny how every path in our lives all end in one destination and that’s simply death. You look back from your afterlife and check where you’ve been, you probably will notice a few things on your path. Looking at it from a death perspective, making a bad choice meant you’ll see yourself go through hell after and then going back to where you started.

What’s behind Door Number 1? Don’t be afraid to open it, expect that it’s going to be a lion pouncing on you because you’re the prey. Or expect it to be paradise – green grass, fluffy clouds and unicorns, lots and lots of unicorns. Either way, there are more doors to open, and some would lead to more doors. You can’t look back now, there is no turning back on this. Turn back and that door is close, open the wrong door and you just might end up in the same place. Puzzle, mazes – they all have one thing in common; a solution, or a destination.

Written. Read and Wept.

I am not sorry.
I am not sorry for every time I say no.
That I reject your offer, for my body to offer.
No, I don’t apologize that I refuse to let you use my body for as a prize.
I am not just a girl for your needs, or wants or tries.
You don’t get to speak to me gently when you want something.
Your words are plain to me, don’t try to bribe me with everything.
From the way you treat my relatives, my friends, my sister and even me.
You are a fuck boy. The kind of boy who lingers long enough for my body.
We are women, strong women whom you thought were weak.
Don’t forget, we’re the kind that birthed you, that gave you life. So are we really weak?
We can always take that life away from boys like you for good.