It was a cold, eerie night, she needed the warmth of his embrace
The ones that she kept she dreaming of, it wasn’t a just a phase
She needed protection from the nightmares that haunt her
That soon she will be left alone and broken, all that was done to her

He gave what he could to make her happy, to make her smile
Nothing was to separate them, not even a mile
Evidently falling for each other, it was rather unrequited
She was so sure of him, but he didn’t show that he was, not quite

He’s Yours for the Taking

I now know how it felt like to lose over a guy who led you on.
I gave him to you remember?
Remember the time you cried over a guy the same way?
You didn’t have to give him to someone like I did.
Did I love him? No, but I did like him.
I never had the courage to tell that I did.
When he set is eyes on you, my world crumbled.
Evidently, this happened way too often to me.
See now do I realize, I have to give to you either way.
You’ve been hurt by the same type of guy.
But this, this person, he’ll never lead you on.
He told you straight that he liked.
I was mad at him, not at you.
The green eyed monster never emerged.
But I do feel regret after.
Yet, I’m not worried at all.
For all these that happened have a purpose.
I embrace singularity as much as I should be.
I’m over the fact that I liked him.
There’s always someone for me out there.
I pray that he takes care of you, simply because he means it.
I pray that he never leaves your side.
I pray that continues to cheer you up.
But you know he won’t be able to fix what’s broken in you.
He’ll try to mend it, but only you can fix it.
See, I’ve learned. I’ve learned to take the hits given to me.
And I don’t need to rely on anyone else but God to mend me.
I only need to cast my burden to Him.
Perhaps, you should too.
In the meantime, this has been right for you all the way.
Someone broke you, just after he came to care for you.
What a wonderful turn of events.
Don’t be afraid to fall in love with him.
He might just be the right person for you.
He’s yours for the taking.


It’s here.
A chaotic and bizzare way of emotion.
Overwhelmingly combined.
Brain tingling – processing.
Mind blowing brain orgasms.
High doses of drugs supposedly.
The tingling feeling, but all is calm.
Spreading wings that soar high.
High above and never falling down.
Smoke rises for every exhale.
Contentment comes right after.
After that cold Whiskey on the rocks.
The scent of red wine spilled over papers.
Serotonin levels increasing.
Endorphins moving rapidly.
Then it stops.
It’s gone.
Clear skies after the storm
And it all became reality.